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Our goals are to provide opportunities for indoor and outdoor nature study, as well as the passive enjoyment and appreciation of wetland flora and fauna.

Today, through many private donations, governmental and non-governmental grants, and annual membership dues, HERON HAVEN has become a unique inner city sanctuary complete with its nature center, boardwalk, butterfly garden, birds, and many animals, such as mink, fox, deer, turtles, woodchucks, fish, etc...that roam the grounds.

Preservation of the natural bio-diversity of this wetland has led to the formation of the 501 (C) 3 non-profit organization, FRIENDS OF HERON HAVEN, which is dedicated to the restoration and preservation of the natural attributes of this wetland as well as the maintenance and development of the man-made facilities and exhibits on the premises.

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Heron Haven Nature Center
11809 Old Maple Rd, 
Omaha, NE 68164

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Heron Haven is located in North West Omaha, Nebraska adjacent to the intersection of 120th & maple. The Big Papillion Creek flows from north to south just west of the Heron Haven site. West Maple Road borders the site to the south of Old Maple Road to the north. The wetland is situated approximately 500 feet to the east of Big Papillion creek. 

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