Heron Haven
Visit Heron Haven

Visit Heron Haven

Visit Heron Haven
Trails Are Open, Sunup To Sundown

We encourage you to walk along our trails to discover wildlife all around you. Spot gorgeous Heron from the boardwalk or turtles aligned, this space is to be enjoyed by all.


Ways to Visit Heron Haven

Guided Tours

There are QR codes along the trail. But, if you'd like a more in-person approach reach out to us. 

Protecting & Preserving

The care and protection of these natural resources are so that they can persist for future generations to enjoy. 


Your annual membership donation helps us protect and preserve the land through maintenance & educational projects. 

So Much To See

Getting Around the Park

We are so happy you're visiting. 


Where We Are Located

Heron Haven Nature Center
11809 Old Maple Rd, 
Omaha, NE 68164

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