Heron Haven
Geocache #11

Geocache #11

Photo Blind

This blind gives photographers and nature enthusiasts an excellent opportunity to capture wildlife shots in this unique wetland habitat.  Keep your eyes peeled for the numerous bird species that visit Heron Haven. 

Don’t forget to glance over the partially submerged log, it’s a favorite basking spot for many turtles! 
Collection of Photos from Camera Club: https://www.flickr.com/groups/heronhaven/pool/

Heron Haven Final Stop Geocache Coordinates

  • N 41° 17.565  W 096° 5.820

(To enter new coordinates, scroll down on the cache menu to 'Waypoints'.  From there, click the + on the upper right and enter the coordinates to find the next stages.  You can also enter the coordinates into Google Maps.)