Heron Haven
Geocache #8

Geocache #8

End of Boardwalk

Watch for wetland wildlife!  Wetlands provide unique habitat and food sources for a plethora of wildlife including insects, birds, reptiles, amphibians, fish, and mammals. 

At Heron Haven scan the water's surface for several species of turtles, many fish, and large Bullfrogs (though there are many species living here). 

Keep a look out for the muskrats, beavers, and mink that are commonly found swimming through this wetland area. 

Don’t forget about the varieties of birds including ducks and Blue Herons that visit frequently. To learn more about wetland wildlife check out the links below. 

Heron Haven Geocache Stop #2 Coordinates

  • N 41° 17.545  W 096° 5.642

(To enter new coordinates, scroll down on the cache menu to 'Waypoints'.  From there, click the + on the upper right and enter the coordinates to find the next stages.  You can also enter the coordinates into Google Maps.)